Table of Contents Announcement for Gorgon: Stories of Emergence

Honored to be part of this anthology from Pantheon!

Pantheon Magazine

Pantheon Magazine is pleased to announce the table of contents for our new anthology, GORGON: STORIES OF EMERGENCE, featuring 36 new and 6 reprinted contemporary myths about transformation and metamorphoses. Cover by Daniele Serra. Select illustrations by Luke Spooner.

Aimee Ogden ~ Psalms

Alex Shvartsman ~ The Goddess of Birds and Wind

A. T. Greenblatt ~ Gods of Empty Places 

Annie Neugebauer ~ Fit for the Wolves

D. A. Xiaolin Spires ~ Swings and Suspension

Barbara A. Barnett ~ Seen and Not Heard

Beth Cato ~ Wind, Awaken My Bones Old and New

C. M. Muller ~ An Illusion of Substance

Carina Bissett ~ Tyger, Burning Bright

Craig Wallwork ~ A Fish for Ophelia

Dan Rabarts ~ The Scorching

Brent Baldwin ~ Of Talons and Teeth

Doug Murano ~ Silvermouth

Duke Kimball ~ The Boy Who Drowned

Eden Royce ~ She Shells

Erin Robinson ~ Iris and Chiaroscuro


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